Tuesday, 14 November 2017

I Promise It's Not What It Looks Like

For writing we looked at photos and used our imagination to make a scene out of it.  I have explained what happened in this interesting photo taken by Austin, straight from my imagination.

Hope you enjoy!!!

"I promise it's not what it looks like!!!"  I shouted, as I sat up straight and looked down.  My boss had walked up on me just when I cracked a joke and started laughing, hysterically.  "WHAT do you think you're doing, Miss Wadhwania."  My triggered boss was now glaring at me with his sharp amber eyes.  'There is only one thing to do' I thought.  'I have to make an excuse, FAST.'  Having an epiphany, I told my boss,"You see boss,  my partner Chantelle here has a big mental problem.  So naturally she released laughing gas and now I can not stop laughing.  I started to pretend to laugh,  but while I was doing that I felt a complete IDIOT.  Chantelle lifted her head up and looked disgusted.  "Seriously, you're blaming it on me.  Firstly I am WAY smarter than you.  Secondly Nuha told me a joke that went like this, YOUR FACE!!  Then she started snorting and laughing until you came."  There was a very awkward silence... "YOU ARE FIRED!!!!  Boomed my boss.  And that was the end of my boring career. 

Monday, 13 November 2017

My Apple Collage

In art we have been doing collages.  To make this, we covered the background with dictionary papers, then we traced the outline of an apple, after that we ripped pieces of magazine paper of the choice of our colour, lastly we stuck them in the tracing of the apple and we were done.

I liked the way I found a lot of solid colours, next time I need to try to blend the colours a little bit more.

Hope you enjoyed!!!!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

My Stained Glass Window

For reading, the Agnes group have been looking at a book called 'The Tale of Despereaux'.
When we finished reading the book, we all chose one character or one object, drew it, then copied the drawing on black paper.  After that we cut out the parts where the cellophane would go.  We traced the drawing, then we cut out parts of cellophane a stuck them in the holes.
This is my stained glass window.
Hope you enjoy!!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

My Excuses Poem

For writing we finished narratives and have been going onto poems. We read a sample poem called 'Excuses' and so we wrote our own Excuses poem.
Here is mine.


Sorry Miss,
I forgot my manners at home in bed,
And my dad threw them in the trash.
My sister mistook it for paper
And tossed it in the fire ash.

Sorry Miss,
My manners were in my hand
Then I sneezed and they took of in a hurry.
My mum put my manners on the counter,
And then placed them in the curry.

Sorry Miss,
My manners flew to neverland
And went off to met peter pan,
Then captain hook came around
And banished them to live in a can.

Sorry Miss,
My alarm clock didn’t ring
So my manners got bored and went of to meet an elf.
Then a missile hit my house
And blew my manners somewhere else.

Sorry Miss,
Rapunzel hit them with a frying pan,
And caused my manners to faint,
In the Church my manners went,
Just to be stamped on by a Saint.

Fun Facts Of Funky Bugs

WALT- Use appropriate language depending on the age
In our class, one teacher came in and made us write about bugs, but for 5-6 year olds.  She talked about what type of language we had to use for children and how to make it interesting.
Here is the slide I did with my group.
Hope you like it.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Woderopolis Inquiry Topic

For inquiry we have been assigned a wonderopolis topic and we had to write about it.
Here is my slide, hope you enjoy.